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.:: Jarvis ::.

"The central idea is that the feedback loop when you are coding should be the shortest possible, so you can see the effect of your code changes instantly, or almost. Jarvis is a Python coding companion. Point it to a python function, and it will execute it. As soon as you change and save your code, Jarvis will detect it, and will rerun the function.

If an exception is raised, it will be displayed in the error panel.

If you insert some debugging statements in your code, they will be displayed in the debug panel."

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.:: Was auf die Ohrens ::.

Dark Dayz - Freier, deutscher, politischer, gesellschaftskritischer Hip Hop mit nachdenklich stimmenden Texten.

Und als Nachtisch Ophelias Dubstep
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.:: Generating unit tests in Python ::.

"Let's say you're working on this old Python project. It's ugly and unpredictable, but you have no choice but to keep it alive. Luckily you've heard about this new tool called Pythoscope, which can help you cure the old guy. Pythoscope is a unit test generator for programs written in Python."
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.:: AppJS ::.

"Because it is simple and yet powerful. Using AppJS you don't need to be worry about coding cross-platform or learning new languages and tools. You are already familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript. What is better than this stack for application development? Beside, AppJS uses Chromium at the core so you get latest HTML 5 APIs working. So relax and focus on the task your application should do."
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.:: Django Chuck ::.

"Django Chuck is a modular, open source, command-based project build system, that gives you the power to create new projects as fast as pushing on a button.

It creates a virtualenv and a Django project for you, installs all required Python packages, creates the database and a fab file for
automatic deployment and thanks to the module system you can easily add functionality like CMS, Facebook, Twitter, multilang and
search engine support to a new or existing project.

But Chuck cannot be just used to create a project it can also checkout the source for you and setup everything until the Django
server is running and you're ready to do your development work. Just leave all the annoying stuff to Chuck and if there is some
task Chuck can't do for you at the moment you can add your own command to let Chuck configure your continuos integration system,
setup your hosting or do whatever you might imagine!"


Das Video zu unserem DjangoCon Vortrag zu Django Chuck gibt es hier
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.:: Pragha ::.

"A Lightweight Music Player for GNU/Linux, based on GTK+, SQLite, completely written in C, constructed to be fast, light, and simultaneously complete without obstructing your daily work. ;)

A short history of the project
Consonance, an excellent player that emerged in the Arch Linux forums, was discontinued. In his blog the author, Sacamano, said:
Which doesn't mean that it won't be maintained. I would still be fixing bugs, but major feature additions are not in the pipeline, because I have completed all that I wanted to see in Consonance. It has been a fun project. :)
Dissonance is the project to continue developing Consonance, and its result is the Pragha Music Manager. A new music player... ;)

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.:: Wildfox ::.

"WildFox is both its own project in addition to reimagining what Mozilla's Firefox web browser stood for, years ago: a light-weight, versatile and efficient web browser. It's also cross-platform and compatible with Chrome & Firefox plug-ins and addons."
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.:: Warum Virenscanner nur sehr wenig schützen ::.

"When we went digging through our archive for related samples of malware, we were surprised to find that we already had samples of Flame, dating back to 2010 and 2011, that we were unaware we possessed. They had come through automated reporting mechanisms, but had never been flagged by the system as something we should examine closely. Researchers at other antivirus firms have found evidence that they received samples of the malware even earlier than this, indicating that the malware was older than 2010."
Quelle: Wired

W00w00 der neue Hyper-Super-"It kills us all"-Wurm ist schon mehr als 2 Jahre alt und Anti-Viren-Futzis haben ihn erst jetzt im Programm? Fehlt nur noch wer, der schreit "mit Metasploit oder sonstwie speziell kodierte Angriffe oder nen Wurm / Virus mit nen paar umgedrehten Bits findet keine Anti-Virus-Software."

B.. bl... Blasphemie!
Ketzerei! Burn em! Lichterloh!

Sarkasmus und so, das macht Dich froh ;)
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.:: Kontaktlos geklaute Kreditkartendaten ::.

Warum es keine gute Idee ist kontaktlos mit Geld um sich zu werfen.

"Report München hat in der am gestrigen Dienstagabend ausgestrahlten Sendung demonstriert, dass die Daten bestimmter Kreditkartentypen unbemerkt über das Nahfunkverfahren NFC ausgelesen werden können. Zur Veranschaulichung hat das Magazin eine Android-App entwickeln lassen, welche die Kreditkartendaten mit Hilfe des NFC-fähigen Smartphones Galaxy Nexus einsammelt.

So konnten die Reporter unter anderem Kreditkartennummern und Ablaufdaten auslesen, nicht aber die dazugehörigen Sicherheitscodes (CVV). Die Entfernung zwischen Smartphone und Kreditkarte darf dabei maximal vier Zentimeter betragen – das reicht aus, um etwa in einer Menschenmenge auf Datenfang zu gehen.

Das Auslesen funktioniert, weil die Daten unverschlüsselt auf dem NFC-Chip gespeichert werden, Sicherheitsmaßnahmen wie eine Authentifizierung der Lesegeräte sind nicht vorgesehen. "

Quelle: Heise

Wer also (un)freiwillig von seiner Bank mit solch einer NFC-fähigen Karte beglückt wird, sollte sich überlegen sie in Alufolie einzupacken ;)
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