"Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben, um einen tanzenden Stern gebären zu können." - Friedrich Nietzsche _

.:: Was auf die Ohrens ::.

Darin Epsilon legt ein abwechslungsreiches Set von sonnigem House bis düsteren Electro Techno auf die Teller. Unbedingt anhören! :)
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.:: Boxgrinder - The vm / cloud kickstarter ::.

"BoxGrinder creates appliances (also called images) from simple plain text Appliance Definition files.
BoxGrinder will download all the necessary artifacts, build the instance, convert it to the selected platform and upload it to the selected destination.
BoxGrinder supports many virtualization and Cloud platforms like EC2, Xen, KVM, VMware. You can create an appliance based on Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS. You are of course free to write your own plugin to support any other virtualization platform or operating system!"

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.:: Kibana ::.

"Kibana is a user friendly way to view, search and visualize your log data

Kibana is an open source (MIT License), browser based interface to Logstash and ElasticSearch. Once you have those in place, Kibana is a breeze to install and configure (really, I swear). And as you'll see below, none too hard to operate. Check out the screenshots for an idea of what Kibana is all about."

Or in other words Kibana together with Elasticsearch is the open source Splunk. ;)
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.:: Diesel aus Darmbakterien ::.

"Gentechnisch veränderte Darmbakterien können Dieselkraftstoff herstellen. Dies haben britische Forscher in Laborversuchen gezeigt. Das Besondere an dem Verfahren ist, dass der Kraftstoff der Bakterien mit herkömmlichen fossilen Kraftstoffen chemisch identisch ist. Er könnte somit direkt eingesetzt werden, ohne dass zum Beispiel Automotoren angepasst werden müssten, schreiben die Forscher in den "Proceedings of the National Akademy of Sciences". Allerdings befinde sich das Verfahren noch in einem frühen Stadium der Entwicklung."
Quelle: Spiegel
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.:: ack - the better grep ::.

Do you know the cool tool ack? It's a grep replacement that can handle perl regular expressions, filters backups files and version control dirs by default, is faster than grep and has a lot more interessting features.
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.:: The ultimate Emacs course ::.

For part 2 or 3 three goto
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.:: CLPython ::.

"CLPython is an open-source implementation of Python written in Common Lisp.
It bridges the Python and Lisp worlds, so you can:

access Python libraries from Lisp;
access Lisp libraries from Python."

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.:: Kivy ::.

" Kivy is running on Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Android and IOS. You can run the same code on all supported platforms.
It can use natively most inputs protocols and devices like WM_Touch, WM_Pen, Mac OS X Trackpad and Magic Mouse, Mtdev, Linux Kernel HID, TUIO. A multi-touch mouse simulator is included."

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.:: Emacs Conference Videos ::.

Die Emacs Conference 2013 in London war anscheinend ein voller Erfolg.
Für alle daheimgebliebenen wie meiner einer gibt es hier die Vortragvideos
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.:: Flugzeug Hacking ::.

Jetzt wirds wirklich gruselig!

"The lack of security in communication technologies used in the aviation industry makes it possible to remotely exploit vulnerabilities in critical on-board systems and attack aircraft in flight, according to research presented Wednesday at the Hack in the Box security conference in Amsterdam.
The presentation, by Hugo Teso, a security consultant at consultancy firm N.runs in Germany, who has also had a commercial pilot license for the past 12 years, was the result of the researcher's three-yearlong research into the security of avionics."

Quelle: PC World
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