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.:: Malware on European SCADA systems ::.

"Security researchers have uncovered a new Stuxnet like malware, named
as “Havex”, which was used in a number of previous cyber attacks
against organizations in the energy sector. Just like Famous Stuxnet
Worm, which was specially designed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear
project, the new trojan Havex is also programmed to infect industrial
control system softwares of SCADA and ICS systems"

Source: The Hacker News
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.:: Why it's dumb to use a smartphone ::.

"Researchers from the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto and computer security firm Kaspersky Lab have unearthed a broad network of controversial spyware which is specially designed to give law enforcement agencies complete access to a suspect's phone for the purpose of surveillance.
According to the report published, the diameter of the command infrastructure supporting Hacking Team, which sells the RCS to governments and law enforcement, is very vast with 326 command-and-control (C&C) servers running in more than 40 countries."

Source: The Hacker News
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.:: BDFProxy ::.

"Das Pentesting-Tool BDFProxy arbeitet zumeist wie ein normaler Webproxy und leitet den Datenverkehr einfach durch. Fordert der Client des Nutzers jedoch eine Binärdatei an, zeigt es sich von einer anderen Seite: Es fängt den Transfer und lädt die Datei zunächst komplett herunter. Anschließend versucht es, eine Metasploit-Payload in die Datei zu injizieren und gibt das Ergebnis schließlich an den Client weiter. "
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.:: Von ferngesteuerten Autos ::.

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